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Chef’s Bio

Bruce Mayer was born and raised in Buffalo, NY at a time when canned vegetable medley and weeklong casserole binges were the norm. His mother felt that it was important to have knowledge of cooking and taught him recipes in high school.

It was while working at a local kosher vegetarian café as a dishwasher that being able to make knead dough to make beignets proved useful.  From that auspicious beginning, an entirely new world opened which was vastly different from the English Literature degree he was pursuing.  This ultimately led to graduating in 1994 from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

Since graduation, Bruce has eagerly embraced a variety of approaches and experiences.  From a small Caribbean restaurant in Buffalo to the upscale comfort food of “the house restaurant” to Pinot Hollywood’s Mediterranean inflected cuisine, a style was developed that aims to bring out the very best in all ingredients.  Regardless of prevailing trends, respect for the freshest products that are as locally sourced as possible should always be paramount.